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Nestled into the hillside, the terraced timber cubes that form the Huski Apartments at Falls Creek immediately catch the attention of passers-by. Whether contrasted against the surrounding gum trees in autumn, or set against bright snow fall in the middle of winter, Huski’s silhouette is unconditionally striking.

The architect behind Huski Apartments, Elenberg Fraser, undertook an extensive study tour of the world’s top ski resorts in order to produce a boutique hotel that offers a bespoke experience with unparalleled comforts and design. The result is understatedly stylish and offers a unique combination of all the amenities found in the best North American hotels, and the comforts of European ski lodges.

For Elenberg Fraser, it was vital that Huski’s exterior evoked the same feelings of comfort, luxury and exclusiveness that guests encounter when inside the lodge. All aspects of Huski, especially its outer structure, needed to be unique and stand out from the more traditional alpine architecture found on Australia’s ski fields.

While the tessellated timber façade of Huski is visually arresting, maintaining the glossy finish of the timber apartments is critical, and Falls Creek’s climate and weather conditions make this a difficult undertaking.

James Stewart, Regional Manager at QT, says, “Huski experiences extreme weather. From as low as minus 15 degrees (including wind chill) with strong winds, to around 32 degrees in summer with blaring sun. Even in winter when the sun is out, it’s more intense than anywhere else. Also, timber naturally moves and stretches, and this occurs even more in extremes.”

Intergrain Natural Stain was earmarked as the product fit for the challenges Falls Creek’s climate poses and was used to recoat Huski, with impressive results.  As a result of how Intergrain Natural Stain stood up to the conditions at Falls Creek, Stewart says it will be used ongoing: “I was impressed with the assistance we received initially and with the ongoing support we receive from Intergrain. We’re very comfortable and confident using Intergrain at our resorts.”